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Wedding Countdown - A Countdown Timer App

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Wedding Countdown is a free wedding countdown timer app for Android. It helps bride and groom to create wedding countdown video for their Big Day.

With this countdown app, bride and groom can create their personalized and elegant live wedding countdown video within 1 minute to share.

Our specialized design options built-into the app helps you to change the look and feel of the coundown timer page as you like.

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    ✅ Wedding Photo.
    ✅ Wedding Song.
    ✅ Daily Love Quotes.
    ✅ Rich Design tool.
    ✅ Customize Options.
    ✅ Awesome Decoration Shapes.
    ✅ Invitation Card.
    ✅ Built-in Collection of Background Photos.
    ✅ Collection of Countdown Themes.
    ✅ Live Share Option. (app & web versions)


    1. Fill name of bride & groom.
    2. Select date and time of wedding.
    3. Add cover photo & background music.
    4. Change design using built-in design tool.
    5. Share it via app link to others.

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Created Wedding Countdown Video can be easily shared to social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

You maight have choosen your wedding dresses, wedding destination and other wedding gadgets but if you haven't set a wedding countdown for your wedding, then this is the right time & place to do it. Click on the above Google Playstore button and install the app right now.
Dont't miss any opportunity to make your wedding memorable and joyful.
All the very best for your wedding! 👍

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